Counteracting corruption

The Contractor undertakes to execute orders in a manner consistent with the law, respecting human rights, treating everyone with due dignity and respect and respecting the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

The Contractor undertakes to prevent accidents at work and to ensure proper working conditions for employees. The Contractor undertakes to counteract discrimination in its organization, showing everyone due dignity and respect, regardless of gender, age, position held, length of service, appearance, disability, nationality, religion, political beliefs, trade union membership, religion, property status, type of employment, etc. The Contractor declares that it respects the employees’ right to freely associate and join parties, associations, etc. The Contractor undertakes to observe the principles of integrity, prevention and counteracting corruption. It is forbidden to request, accept, offer, transfer money or other benefits to the Ordering Party’s employees, except for occasional gifts accepted by the custom at a given place and time. For each identified case of attempts to offer, transfer money or other benefits to the Ordering Party’s employees by the Contractor or its employees, except for the occasional gifts mentioned above, the Contractor shall pay the Ordering Party a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 50,000, subject to the possibility of claiming supplementary compensation above the amount of the contractual penalty.

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