Zamet Group a mature and stable company, that is why, we are aware that building values is a long-term process that should be based on strong, solid and consistent foundations.

Therefore in all investment areas we rely on clearly and simply defined values ​​that naturally oblige us to take specific actions and are the foundation for all our decisions. As a responsible employer, we care about the continuous development of our employees and their families, and support the construction of a better future for future generations. We also take care of the local community and the environment by supporting projects for the sustainable development of our environment and dialogue with local communities.

Zamet Group and all contractors, that we cooperate witch, conduct their activities in a manner consistent with the law, with respect for human rights, treating everyone with dignity and respect and complying with the provisions of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In our daily activities, we are guided and obliged to comply with the laws and standards:

  • prevention of accidents at work
  • providing appropriate working conditions for employees
  • anti-discrimination in your organization, showing everyone dignity and respect, regadless gender, age, position, seniority, appearance, disability, nationality, religion, political beliefs, trade union membership, religion, property status, form of employment, etc.
  • respecting employees’ rights to freedom of association and participation in parties, associations etc.
  • compliance with the principles of integrity, prevention and prevention of corruption undertakes not to request, accept, offer, transfer money or other benefits to the customer’s employees, except for occasional gifts, customary in a given place and time.

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