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    Zamet Group uses modern mechanical technologies concerning welding and painting which allow to provide services in the field of machining, steel structures welding and painting and corrosion protection.

    Machining >>

    As part of the machining, we perform among other turning, milling, boring and drilling. The offer includes gas cutting on automatic and semi-automatic machines, guillotine cutting, folding, bending, straightening and chamfering of sheets.
    Within the above techniques we use various types of machines: (i) used for turning: center lathes, circular lathes, revolving lathes, gripping lathes, (ii) machines for milling, boring and drilling: horizontal, vertical milling machines, tool machines, cranes, drilling and milling machines, drilling and milling plate machines. Among the installed machines, many of them are equipped with numerical control, and special equipment to prepare the certain products.

    Welding >>

    Among the welding technology we use welding in protective gas-shield and submerged arc welding. The quality of welding works carried out by the Zamet Group has been confirmed by numerous certificates issued by domestic and foreign entities. The basic technology of welding is the semi-automatic welding in active gases shield using MAG method ( Metal Active Gas), using appropriate gas mixtures for the so-called black steels and stainless steels. To perform longitudinal joints (butt and fillet) within the thicknesses of up to 60 mm, the plant uses the submerged arc welding technology. Also the mixed technology has been implemented. Longitudinal welds are performed either by mechanized MAG method.

    Corrosion protection >>

    All the sizes of the structure can be subjected to the anti-corrosion treatment. We use hydrodynamic painting in a painting cabins. All processes in the cabins take place during the forced air movement as a function of time and temperature using the exhaust and flow air filtration. We cooperate with companies performing metal spraying and dip metallization, as well as with companies performing phosphate coatings and fluoro-polymer coatings.
    Corrosion protection is realized using solvent-based paints on an equipment and steel structures working in environments characterized by the various aggressiveness of corrosion. Many products operate in an atmosphere of sea and in submerged conditions.
    Preparing surfaces for painting of the finished products is done by blast cleaning in shotblasting booth using metal abrasive. The used technology allows you to prepare the area for the protection characterized by the long life: i.e. more than 15 years.
    Corrosion protection is realized according to the requirements of: PN-EN ISO 12944 and NORSOK M-501.

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