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    Lifting and cargo handling devices

    Cranes, overhead cranes and winches >>

    Lifting devices are manufactured by the Zamet Group and they are used, inter alia, for cargo handling and support of drilling rigs, as marine equipment, for the support of ship decks, loading and unloading in ports, vertical transportation in the mines. Cranes and overhead cranes manufactured by Zamet are offered with full hydraulic and electrical equipment and with functionality tests along with load tests. Zamet Group is also the contractor for completely assembled devices in the field of rope winches and anchoring chains and drive stations for this type of winches. These devices are designed for installation on ships.

    Ship loading and unloading systems >>

    Zamet Group offers the production, assembly and functional tests of bulky loading and unloading systems (Stacker, Reclaimer, Grab Unloader, Ship Loader, Semi Portal Scraper). This type of few hundred tones devices are used for the loading, unloading, handling, scraping and transporting of bulk materials. They are dedicated primarily to quays, power plants and mines.

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