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    Respect for people

    By out daily attitude we show appreciation to every man and we treat him with due dignity.


    By keeping the commitments and by the integrity in the proceedings, we build confidence to us and the company we are creating.


    We respect adopted principles and we realize them in an absolutely complete and consistent manner. At the same time we share our doubts, bringing them up in an open manner.


    By acting in a thoughtful way, we can make decisions individually, being aware of their impact on people and the environment.


    We go beyond what is tangible and measurable. Whether it is faith in God or moral system or in the mission and common purpose, faith unites us to focus on the future and distant issues.

    VALUES of


    We base the building of Zamet community on the aforementioned values.

    Living in harmony with these values is necessary to co-create our community. Compliance with these values helps us to achieve success and to identify with the company.

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